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 my Goal.

Enclave Marketing was established in 2016 with the purpose to provide value and assistance to small business owners.


Teresa Anderson

I started out my professional career as an Interior Designer. That morphed into brand development, website design, and digital marketing over the years. I found I enjoyed helping business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business online more than designing homes for clients. My creative background made it easier to dive into the design aspect of marketing, while my business degree and analytical brain (thank you Engineer parents!) takes care of the rest.

Your website is your online business card

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What every brand needs



Every brand needs to create consistency with their branding, online presence, website, and customer experience. Your brand needs to be recognizable on a billboard, on your website, on a banner, and on social media. To accomplish this, consistency between platforms is a necessity!



How do you stay relevant in a world where trends change by the minute? I believe relevancy is strategically using trends to your advantage. Not every trend or technological advancement is going to benefit your business. Relevancy is about being smart about who you are as a brand and knowing your audience.



Building a community around your brand creates an easy to access customer base. I believe every brand needs to build a community online and offline.